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Modular Equipment

Tractor Units - Tractor units and ballasted tractors.  6x2, 6x4 and 8x4.        44t, 65t, 80t, 150t, 190t and 250t capacity.  Majority fitted with heavy duty 3.5 inch couplings.

Modular Equipment - Scheuerle - Up to c200t capacity - 16 axle lines, 2no necks, 100t extending bed, vessel deck, beam deck, spacer deck, long load bolsters, steering header, various drawbars/power packs etc.                                                                                                       See our Modular Equipment page.

Low Loaders - From 2 to 3+6 axles.  Lowbeds and beam decks up to 100t capacity.  Lowbeds from 350mm.  Lowbed lengths up to 20m (19.375m clear deck).

Vessel Deck - 70t capacity.  7m to 18m internal length.  2.3m to 3.6m internal width.

Semi Low Loaders - 3,4,5,6 and 8 axles up to 120t capacity.  Deck lengths up to 36m.  Deck heights from 700mm.

Flatbeds - 3,4 and 6 axles up to 70t capacity.  Deck lengths up to 40m.

Ballast Carriers - 4,5 and 6 axles up to 70t capacity.

Long Load Bogies - Lengths unlimited.  Modular with long load bolsters up to 150t capacity.  3 axle long load bogie up to 60t capacity.

Yard Crane - 25t capacity.

Forktrucks - 2t to 40t capacity (including container handling facility).

Trailer Mounted Crane - 3 axle semi lowloader fitted with Bonfiglioli P42000TL crane to neck.   Working range - 17t at 2.1m to 2.82t at 12m.

Other Equipment - Various stools, transport beams, cradles, load mats, ballast weights etc.